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Lucky Gems

Lucky Gems
Man has an attraction for gems, precious stones and costly metals since time immemorial. He has worn them on his body in order to solve problems and to avert the negative effects of planets on him. The electromagnetic frequencies or vibrations and colors of specific gem stones correspond to the vibrations and colors of the planets. According to these correspondences, these gem stones are recommended by astrologers as remedies.

Today, even science agrees that gems have profound effect on the activities of human life. There are many types of gems available, but all are not good for everyone. A wrong choice of gems can usher trouble into your lives. Wearing the right gem at the right time and in the right way will be beneficial and ward off evil.

Our astrologers can recommend the right gem stone/ stones for you to solve your life's problems. Their recommendations would include the type of gems, its size, how to wear them, when to wear them, the correct finger to wear them, etc.

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