Importance of Gopastami Festival in Hinduism

krishna-and-cowsGopastami is one of the most important festivals in the Hindu religion being followed since ancient time. This important festival is dedicated to Lord Krishna and his love for the cows since the childhood days. It marks the qualification of Lord Krishna and Balarama to graze the cows from tending calves in the stable. In this festival, special recitation and dramas are organized to show episode of life stories of Krishna occurred as a cowherd in various temples dedicated to him. People bring the cows in the temple for ritual and special treatment.

In Hinduism, cows are treated as sacred animal and serving brings good luck to devotees. Cows are even denoted as the Mother of Human being as they provide food to them. Devotees believed that crores of Gods and Goddesses reside in the cow. So, serving a cow is like serving to crores of deities residing in the animal. Thus, there can’t be any sacred work as taking good care and respecting the animals.

During Gopastami, people go to Goshala to clean the stable and bathe the animals. The cows are decorated with good clothes and jewelry. Sindur is applied on the forehead of cows before performing the special ritual in the stable. Devotees make around the cows after the completion of the ritual to acquire special blessings. Special fodder is given to the cows to eat and donation is given by people to take care of the sacred animal. There can’t be any better chance or work of earning good merit by the devotees than looking after the sacred animals.

Gopastami is an important event for the cows’ lovers, workers, and enthusiasts. Many people are working incessantly to protect the animals from human slaughter and atrocities. It is an important event for people to take pledge to work or come forward to create awareness about the cows. Special ritual is performed in the temple by the devotees to pray for their wellbeing and blessing.

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