Mysteries Revealed: The Scientific Reasons Behind Popular Hindu Traditions

3d4a4e987ce8b31f44986115a356479aTraditions were considered superstitions, but with advancement of science, it has been found that these traditional practices are based on scientific knowledge. The traditions are being passed on generations to generations to follow. Though, common people have no idea of scientific knowledge about the practices but following faithfully over the years. Let us look at the prominent traditions or rituals with their revealed scientific importance.

Throwing Coins In A River
Traditionally, throwing coins in a river is thought to bring good luck to individual. Here is the scientific reason for this practice. Since ancient time, people have been using copper in making currency unlike stainless steel of today. Copper is an essential metal required in human body though in small amount. Copper coins are thrown in river to be mixed with water and drink that water to pass metal on to body. This has been made custom to be followed for generations to continue supplement of essential metal in body.

Joining Both Hands To Greet
In Hindu culture, people greet other through namaskar by joining both hands and done as a mark of respect. In scientific reasoning, joining both hands and finger tips are denoted as the pressure points of eye, ear, and mind. Pressing the hands together activate the pressure points and helps us to remember met people for a long time. It also beneficial as no transfer of germs takes place without physical contact.

Why Indian Women Wear Ring On Toe?
Wearing toe ring is a norm for many Indian married women. The ring is specially worn on second toe of a foot. It has been found a special nerve passes connecting that toe to uterus and heart. This is helpful in maintaining health of uterus by regulating blood flow and menstrual cycle of women. Rings made of silver are commonly worn as it has properties to absorb earth polar energies and passes on to body.

Applying Of Tilak On Forehead
Forehead is the area between eyebrows containing largest junction of nerves thought since ancient time in human body. The Tilak of “red kumkum” is applied on forehead to retain the loss of energy and regulate various level of concentration in the body. The pressing of mid brow region and adnya chakra enables smooth blood flow to face muscles while applying Tilak.

Why Bells Are Used In Temples?
Devotees ring bell before entering the temple’s main chamber where idol is kept. According to traditional Agama Shastra, devotees do that to keep the evil forces away and its sound is pleasant to Deities. But, scientifically found that ring sound helps devotees to clear mind and stay concentrated during whole ritual or puja in temple.

Apart from it, bells are made specially to make sound in unity with left and right side of brain. When a devotee rings a bell it creates echoing sound for 7 seconds to activate all healing centers and helping to removes negative energies from our brain.

Why Navratra Is Celebrated?
The lifestyle of modern people is different to those lived thousands of years ago. But, Navratra is a festival being celebrated since the ancient time in the country. It is a special time for people to prepare body to adjust with changing of seasons. During nine days celebration period, people keep fast and avoid salt and sugar, meditate to create positive energies and gain confidence or determination to face the changes in the season nicely.

Why Tulsi Plant Is Worshipped?
Tulsi plant has been given the status of a mother in ancient time and it was considered holy. In fact, this plant is worshipped in many parts or religions of the world. But, the main reason of its personification to Goddess is its medicinal properties found by sages in ancient times. It is a remarkable antibiotic and creates immunity to prevent diseases, stable health condition, and prolong life of people by drinking with tea every day. It has been found that snake and mosquito can’t enter a house having tulsi plants.

Why Peepal Tree is Worshipped?
Peepal tree doesn’t have any commercial benefit for common people except the shade. So, the main reason of relating peepal tree with god or religion is to protect from harm of others. This is because it is the only tree which produces oxygen even during the night.

Why Meal Starting With Spice Ends in Sweet?
Ancestors have always stressed to start meal with spicy food and end with sweet. It has been found that spicy food charge up digestive juice and acid formation for smooth and efficient digestion of food in stomach. The sweets contain carbohydrates which pulls down the digestion process and hence eaten as last item after meal.

Sikha On Male Head
Sushruta -the earliest surgeon of Ayurveda described a high sensitive spot where all nerves get connected in head as Adhipati Marma. Sikha is used to protect that sensitive spot. Brahmarandhra is situated in brain through which sushumna is passed to lower part of the body. It is considered as seventh chakra in yog. It is a center of wisdom and sikha is helpful in boosting the center and conserve energy known as ojas.

Why Henna/Mehendi Applied On Hands?
Mehendi acts as a medicinal herb besides giving excellent color to hands. Wedding are very stressful with lots of pre-occupied works which can cause headache and even fever to couple. As the time approaches for wedding, there is a mix of excitement and nervousness which can take a toll on health. To ease tension, Mehendi is applied to cool body and prevent nerves from becoming tense. Hence, it is placed in hand and feet.

Celebration and Cleaning During Diwali
Diwali usually comes in October and November every year marking the end of raining season and arrival of winter season. Many houses get damaged during rainy season and needs renovation before starting of winter months. So, people starts renovating and decorating their houses beautifully before Diwali.

Sitting On Floor To Eat
Traditionally, people like to sit on the floor to eat meal. While eating food, people sit on floor in Sukhasan position which is used in yoga asana. Sitting in this position helps in digestion as circulatory system solely work on digestion unlike dangling of legs from chair or standing.

Why Not To Sleep With Head Towards North?
People traditionally believed that sleeping with head pointing towards north will bring ghost or death. The heart create a magnetic field with circulation of blood and sleeping in this position become asymmetrical with earth’s giant magnetic force. In this condition, our heart needs to work hard and can cause blood pressure in body. Apart from it, the whole iron of body get accumulated in brain causing headache, Parkinson’s disease, Cognitive decline, Alzheimer’s disease, and brain degeneration.

Surya Namaskar
Hindus have a ritual of water offering to Sun God as a sign of respect. Scientifically, it has found that looking at sun through following water benefit the eyesight. Waking up daily becomes a routine to develop a healthy lifestyle and early morning is the best part of the day to perform work fruitfully.

Ear Piercing
Ancient physician and intellects believe that piercing of ears helps in development of intellect, reasoning power, and decision making capabilities. Individual develops self restraints in speech, impertinent behaviors, and free ears from disorder. But, today youth across the globe use it for fashion.

Why Eating Is Prohibited On Particular Days?
Hindus don’t eat meat on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Vital nutrients like iron, Vitamin B12, and other essential nutrients can be supplied to body by eating small amount of meat. But, people become addicted to eating meat and develop diseases like piles, kidney stone, colon cancer, etc. So, Hinduism has placed restriction on assigned days by devoting to particular deities to avoid large meat consumption and prevent diseases in body.

Application Of Sindoor or Vermillon
The tradition of applying Sindoor by married women carries physiological significance. Sindoor is usually prepared from mixture of turmeric-lime with mercury. The intrinsic properties present in the Sindoor helps to control blood pressure and activate sexual drive in women. Hence, it is prohibited for widow to apply. It is also found to relieve stress and strain.

Explanation On Touching-Feet (Charan-Sparsh)
Indian has a tradition of touching the feet of elder or pious person. In this process, the blessing person emits good thought and energy which reaches to you through feet and hands into your body. It creates a circuit of cosmic energies flows between two hearts and minds as possible in handshake or hug.

Why Do We Fast?
The principal reason of fasting is found in Ayurveda. According to it, the cause of diseases in our body is due to accumulation of various toxic substances in digestive system of the body. During fasting, the digestive system gets rest and can clean body mechanism toxics to correct body system instantly.

Apart from that our body composes of 80% liquid and 20% solid and gravitational force of moon affects our lives. It creates imbalance in our body causing irritation, tense, and even violent. So, a fast acts as antidote as acid content is reduced and helps people retains sanity. Fast means restriction in calories intake which benefit health with reduced cancer risks, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, immune disorder, etc.

Why Idol Is Worshipped?
Hinduism places immense importance on idol worship than any religion in the world. The reason found out by scientists is that it helps in concentration during prayer. As per psychiatrist, people shapes thought according to object seeing infront. Seeing the idol helps devotees to concentrate on prayer and gain higher spirituality. Hence, the tradition of idol worshipping has been initiated in ancient India.

Why Chewing of Tulsi With Teeth Is Prohibited?
Tulsi is considered the Wife of Lord Vishnu and chewing is seen as disrespect to this Goddess. But, botanist found tulsi contain large amount of mercury. When mercury is applied on a tooth, it will immediately fall. Hence, it is advised to swallow the tulsi leaves instead of chewing.

Why Tilgul Is Eaten During Makar Sankranti?
Tilgul is a fabulous candy made from sesame seeds and jaggery. Makar Sankranti is celebrated in mid winter and the ingredients in Tilgul generates heat helping to keep body warm and enabling people enjoy during festival wholeheartedly. Sesame seed is highly beneficial for body and used in many Ayurvedic medicines. Sesame laddu is given to children to prevent bed-wetting during winter.

Why Indian Women Wear Bangles?
Wrist is the most actively used body portion of human being. The bangles worn in the wrist causes friction and increases the blood circulation in body. The electricity passed from the skin to bangles is transferred back in body as there is no end to transfer outside.

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