Why Sri Yantra is Beneficial for People?

shree_yantraEverybody wish to get good health, peace and wealth. But, few people can achieve these three things in their lives to lead their lives perfectly. Hence, people are taking refuge in Gods to get blessing and fulfill their wishes quickly. People do various rituals to mitigate their obstacles or malefic effects of the planets as it is belief that our lives are influenced by the cosmic forces around us. This is why people are taking help of various products which can uplift their lives to better living. In fact, people are getting better result by using the various products as advised by the priests according to the problems. People can buy them from the market to get success, wealth, and good health. Continue reading

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Perform Your Puja Through Live Streaming Videos From Home

Everyone wants to lead a happy, peaceful and wealthy life. But, it is not always possible for us to lead without the blessing of Gods. This is why people are seeking blessing from Almighty to help them in fulfilling their wishes. People pray in the temple offering various edible things and puja items to please Gods. Priests acts as a mediator in connecting us to the deity during the ritual in temple. Hymns are sung by the devotees while performing the Aarti by the priests to invoke deity and seek its blessing. Continue reading

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Why Rudraksha Should Be Worn And it’s Benefits for Wearer?

In Hindu religion, numerous ways have been shown by the saints to devotees to lead a peaceful and prosperous life. The benefits shown by the priest aren’t just belief but experiences of the devotees in their own lives. Hence, we can find numerous ways mentioned in ancient scripture to progress in spirituality, success, and health. Everybody wants to live in peace, get success in life and acquire wealth to lead their life happily. For these, wearing Rudraksha is one of the oldest traditions followed by the Hindus to achieve these benefits.

What is Rudraksha?
Rudraksha is a name of a tree having spiritually importance single to multifaceted beads and found mostly in Nepal, Indonesia, Java, Sumatra, and Burma. Rudraksha is considered the tears of Lord Shiva which fell on earth after killing the demons of Tripursur. The brown seeds are considered sacred and a Lord Shiva Puja can’t be accomplished without it. It is used by the devotees to stay connected with Lord Shiva and get its incessant blessing. Continue reading

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