Significance of Dussehra Celebration in Your Life

dussehra_wishesNavratri is celebrated with zeal and enthusiasm by devotees throughout the country. This festival goes on for nine days and culminates with Dussehra or Vijayadashmi on the tenth day. This year Navratri has started from 25th of September and continue till 3rd of October 2014. The festival is celebrated in different forms like Durga puja in West Bengal and Chamundi in Karnataka to worship Goddesses. Though, the festival varies according to region but theme is same as victory of good over evil. Hence, Dussehra holds so much significance for every devotee to gain benefits in life.

During Navratri celebration, devotees worship to acquire three important qualities namely tamas, rajas and sattva in their lives. The first three days are related to tamas, devotees worship fierce Goddesses Kali and Durga. The next three days are related to rajas and worship Goddess Lakshmi for material wealth and gentleness. Devotees worship Saraswati related to sattva to gain enlightenment and knowledge. Hence, devotees worshipping these Goddesses wholehearted get blessing incessantly to achieve power, material wealth and knowledge.  Thus, this day is celebrated as Vijayadashmi as devotees have acquired all the qualities in their lives and ready to liberate life from the clutch of lifecycles (Salvation).

Dussehra is celebrated in every part of the country with great enthusiasm every year. It marks the victory of Ram over Ravana on the tenth day according to the epic of Ramayana. Even Maa Durga could kill Mahishasur on tenth day of Navratri after fighting for nine days incessantly. Hence, it signifies the winning of good over demons or evil spirit in our life. It is a time of great celebration and makes special promises or effort to enhance spirituality of one life.

Celebrate the festival with greater zeal and devotion to acquire incessant blessing of Goddesses in your life. May this Dussehra bring success, peace, prosperity and abundant happiness in your life with the blessing of Almighty.

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