Significance Of Navratra Celebration for Devotees

navratri-2014Navratra is an important festival in Hindu religion. The festival continues for nine days starting from the first day of Chaitra month and also called Chaitra Navratri. Navaratri means nine nights as it is celebrated for nine days by the devotees. In these days, the devotees worship different forms of Goddess Durga by performing special rituals. Goddess Durga statues are installed in temple to revere by devotees singing praising hymns. Even, young girls symbolizing nine forms of Goddess Durga are worshipped during this festival.

Religious Significant Of Ram Navami
Ram Navami is an occasion of joy and happiness for Ram’s devotees as he was born on this day. Lord Vishnu took the 7th incarnation of Ram to remove the evils from earth and preach good virtues to human being. It is a great time for devotees to purify the soul and imitate qualities of the Ram as an ideal human being and husband. It marks start of summer season and the festival is celebrated with gaiety and enthusiasm across the country.

The birthday of Lord Ram is celebrated with fervor and enthusiasm. He is one of the most reverred Gods of Hindu religion. The final day starts with worshipping of Sun as it is considered Rama’s ancestor. Sun is considered very powerful and it is worshipped to get supreme blessing. But, Rama is worshipped as a God, ideal husband, ideal King, and virtuous human being. On this day, devotees observe strict fast, visit temple to offer rituals, processions, and even Ramayana is recited in some places. It is believed that observing fast and ritual helps devotees to gain salvation as well as prosperity in material gain. This is why devotees worship Lord Ram with Navaratri puja wholeheartedly to acquire blessing and virtues in their lives. Perform your ritual after buying sacred product from here now.

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