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Kanakdhara Yagya

As the Hindu legend goes, the first Kanakdhara mantra was recited by Adi Shankara. He was a sage who wandered door to door and asked for alms. While doing this course, he once visited a house of a poor lady who was too poor to give Shankara anything in the name of alms. She had a piece of fruit in her house and she gave it to Shankara. So great was the goodness of that lady. Shankara was very pleased with this but at the same he was moved to see the poor plight of that lady. He then recited kamadhara Mantra and the lady was returned with hundreds of golden fruits. Thus, Kanakdhara Yagya blesses one with wealth and prosperity.

We at GodsMantra will do this Yagya on your behalf will and deliver a recorded CD of the yagya to your doorstep.

Kanakdhara Yagya

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