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Shani(Sade Satti) Yagya

The seven and a Half Year Astrological Cycle is called Sade Satti. It is believed to be one most difficult periods in the life of an individual. Shani or Saturn is known as the most dreaded God after Yama - the God who handles deaths. However, Shani is not always malicious for an individual, his blessings can do wonders in the life of a person. But, it si true that he is most feared by Hindus.

When Saturn is transiting through the 12th, 1st, and 2nd house from the natal moon, this is termed as Sade-satti. "Sade-satti" signifies means 7 years, that means Saturn naturally takes 2 years in its transit from one house to another house. This transit is considered particularly important in Vedic Astrology because this transit is supposed to indicate difficult results either to the native or the native's close relatives.

To keep the evil effects of Lord Shani at bay one can worship Lord Hanuman. Scriptures say that when Shani warned Lord Hanuman about the onset of his seven-and-half year long influence ( sade satti ), Lord Hanuman accepted the challenge and allowed Saturn to have his play. When the planet dwelled on Lord Hanuman's head, Hanuman loaded heavy rocks on his head so viciously that the planet was almost crushed. Shani faced similar agony when he tried to dwell on Hanuman's body. Finally, the planet had to bow before Hanuman. Shani then declared that any one who worshipped Lord Hanuman would not be affected by the evil effect of the planet.

Here at GodsMantra, we can perfom Shani (Sade Satti) Yagya / Yagna, on your behalf to pacify malefic consequences in your horoscope. The video recoreded CD of the Yagya will be shipped to you
Shani(Sade Satti)Yagya

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