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Birthstone Moon

Gemstone MOON

Description : The birthstone or gemstone Moon is the birthstone for the month of June and corresponds to the zodiac sign Gemini. The color of Moonstone is a shiny silvery white. It is a symbol of passion and often gifted to lovers. This sacred gemstone keeps its wearer in good health and brings him or her good fortune. This stone has the property to cleanse your soul and fill your insides with immense positive energy. It is recommended for chasing away the negative effects resulting because of bad position of moon in the birth chart. Moon stone has a cooling effect on the body. This cooling effect sometimes reaches such heights that it may cause cough and cold related diseases. Because of this, it is recommended that you wear this gemstone along with another gemstone that would generate heat to neutralize the cooling effect of the moonstone. This gemstone also helps in the maintaining of your inner tranquility and improves self control.

Price: 176USD
5/6 Ratti

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