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Lord Shiva, the God of life and death, is the easily pleased God in the Hindu religion. Anyone can immediately get his blessings by worshipping him. He is a symbol of innocence, satisfaction and simplicity. Worshipping Lord Shiva brings success and victory in all endeavors. Everyone can worship God Shiva for getting a favor from him - a family man for prosperity and comforts in family life; unmarried girls for marriage commencement; old people for good health; people under threat for courage; saints and sages for spiritual success. Buy this statue of God Shiva and worship him for whatever you need in life.
God Shiva Statue

God Shiva Statue

Weight : 7k
Code : GSS-009
Size : 12-13 "

Price: 351USD

God Shivling Statue


Weight : 750gm
Code : GSS-010
Size : 4-5"

Price: 100USD

God Shiva Trishul


Weight : 2.500kg
Code : GSS-011
Size : 9-10 "

Price: 200USD

God Shiva Parivar Statue


Weight :
Code : GSS-012
Size : 6 "

Price: 110USD

God Shiva Parivar Statue


Weight :
Code : GSS-013
Size : 4-5 "

Price: 90USD

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