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Lord Vishnu is a peace loving God and is the sustainer or preserver of life on this earth. He restores order and peace on the earth whenever these are under threat. This statue of Lord Vishnu is portrayed with four hands. On one hand he holds a sankha, on the second a discus or chakra, on the third a lotus, and on the fourth a mace. He is seated on two coiled snakes. This represents that he has victory over all desires. Performing Puja to Vishnu Jee will bring a great change in your looks and appearance. The Puja also enables you to outwit your enemies.
God Vishnu Statue

God Vishnu Statue

Code : GVS-008
Size : 5.5 "

Price: 100USD

God Shivling Statue

God Vishnu Statue

Code : GVS-009
Size : 5"

Price: 85USD

God Vishnu Trishul

God Vishnu Statue

Weight :
Code : GVS-010
Size : 4.5"

Price: 75USD

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