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Rudraksha Om Pendant

Rudraksha Om Pendant

Description : Rudraksha Om Pendant is named so because it has the word 'OM' on its face. As a result, besides giving the wearer spiritual power, mental and physical health and happiness, it also keeps them spiritually fashionable.
Code : RJ-001

Price: 51USD

Rudraksha Shivlinga Pendant

Rudraksha Shivlinga Pendant

Description : As the name itself suggest, this Rudraksha Pendant has a beautiful Shivlinga carved in metal on it. Just below the Shivlinga in this pendant, there are two Rudraksha beads tied on its two bottom corner. The wearer of this pendant gets special blessings of Lord Shiva. It brings prosperity, happiness and successes home.
Code : RJ-002

Price: 51USD

Rudraksha Gold Pendant

14 Mukhi Rudraksha Gold Pendant

Description : According to the details found in ancient Puranas, a 14 mukhi(faced) Rudraksha provides its wearer with the blessings of wit, wisdom, prosperity, dignity, efficiency and successes in all endeavors. All these spiritual qualities of 14 mukhi rudraksha embellishes this gold pendant.
Code : RJ-003

Price: 1000USD

Rudraksha Kali Pendant

9 Mukhi Rudraksha Kali Pendant

Description : The Nine Mukhi Rudraksha represents the eyes of Goddess Kali. It keeps all the evils away from the life of its wearers. Wealth, fearlessness and dynamism are some of the other significant benefits that the wearer becomes blessed with.
Code : RJ-004

Price: 251USD
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