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Ganesh Rudraksha Pendant

Gold Ganesh Rudraksha Pendant

Description : The wearer of this Ganesha Rudraksha Pendant is blessed with the blessings of both Lord Ganesha and Shiva. The pendant features a beautiful mould of Ganesha surrounded by OM and in between them, there is rudraksha bead. It trully a rare of Rudraksha Pendant. It is made of Gold that gain adds much to its authenticity and significance.
Code : RJ-005

Price: 1100USD

Rudraksha Prosperity Pendant

Rudraksha Prosperity Pendant

Description : Three separate rudraksha beads are beautifully bound in this Prosperity Pendant. The unique combination these three Rudraksha Beads gives the wearer immense wealth and porsperity.
Code : RJ-006

Price: 101USD

Gauri Shankar Rudraksha Pendant

Gauri Shankar Rudraksha Pendant

Description : Two Rudraksha Beads joined together naturally is certainly not a common thing. This unique Rudraksha bead is called Gauri Shankar Rudraksha. The one represents Goddess Gauri (Wife of Lord Shiva) and the others represents Lord Shiva Himself. The wearer of Gauri Shankar Rudraksha Pendant is showered with wealth and prosperity and is made free of all sins and evils.
Code : RJ-007

Price: 175USD

Surya Rudraksha Pendant

Surya Rudraksha Pendant

Description : It is not that difficult to recognize a Surya Rudraksha Bead, as its shape resembles The Sun. The Surya Rudraksha pendant blesses its wearers with great mental and physical health, wealth and good luck in all his work and efforts.
Code : RJ-008

Price: 85USD

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