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Nag Savar Rudraksha


Symbol of :
Ruling Planet :
Recommended for : Lack of self-confidence, lack of energy, unknown worries, fear. Harmonious life in house and working places .
Mantras : Om Namah Shivaya
Description : The Nag(Savar) Rudraksha is a special type of Rudraksha that looks like a snake coming out of the Rudraksha. The Nag(Savar) Rudraksha aids its wearer to beat issues like lack of energy, lack of self confidence, unknown worries and fears. This Rudraksha also brings harmony into the house and working place. This is highly recommended for people who are in debts and great financial crisis. The Nag(Savar) Rudraksha puts an end to money loss and enhances one's income.

Price: 500USD

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