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Saturn Siddha Mala

Saturn Siddha Mala

Description : It is to appease the planet Saturn who is facing the miseries of 7 year Saturn Period. The mala consists of the following Rudraksha combination. The mala is strung in thread with semiprecious blue sapphire and silver beads as spacer. Total beads in the mala are 54+1 beads and total length approximately 35 inches.

Rudraksha Combination in Saturn Siddha Mala
One Mukhi Rudraksha -1 Two Mukhi Rudraksha – 1 Three Mukhi Rudraksha –1 Four Mukhi Rudraksha - 1
Five Mukhi Rudraksha - 1 Six Mukhi Rudraksha - 1 Seven Mukhi Rudraksha -3 Eight Mukhi Rudraksha -1
Nine Mukhi Rudraksha - 1 Ten Mukhi Rudraksha - 1 Eleven Mukhi Rudraksha - 1 Twelve Mukhi Rudraksha –1
Thirteen Mukhi -1 Fourteen Mukhi -1 Gaurishankar - 1 Small five face (5mm Size)   Rudraksha - 37

Guru Rudraksha Beads - 1 Seven Mukhi Rudraksha

Price: 811USD

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