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Twelve Mukhi Rudraksha

Barah (12) MUKHI RUDRAKSHA Beads

Symbol of : Lord Sun(Surya)
Ruling Planet : Sun (Surya)
Recommended for : Heart Disease, Lung Disease, Skin Disease, Hiatus.
Mantras : Shree Suryay Namah , Om Krow(ing) Kshow(ing) Row(ing) Namah
Description : The Twelve Mukhi Rudraksha represents the twelve attributes of the Sun God. These twelve attributes include Light of Universal Friendship; Shining Principle; Light of Compelling Radiance; Dispeller of Darkness or Ignorance; Light of Mystic Fire; All Pervading Light; Golden Colored One Healing Gold; Light that Removes Afflictions; Light of the Sage - an aspect of Vishnu; Light obvious and subtle as at dawn and dusk; Light of Enlightenment; and Brilliance - The Light of Intelligence. The Twelve Mukhi Rudraksha blesses its wearer with authority, wealth, protection, happiness, courage and wisdom. People with health ailments like heart disease, bowel movement problems, gastric problems, lung disease, osesophagus problems and skin problems should wear this Rudraksha.

Price: 230USD

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